Automatically Find and Save Your Precious Files, While Your Phone Charges!

Michael Maner  |  October 14, 2022

Did you know that millions of people around the world lose their precious memories to technology every year?

If you could protect all your memories before it’s too late, would you? This new and innovative device will automatically back up and store all your important files!

If you’re like me, you want to make sure you’ll never lose a precious memory. And no one wants to be on their phone or computer all day sorting through all those files, deleting duplicates, organizing, backing them up to the cloud…, and still not being sure if you saved them all!

Plus, not only can mobile phones crash unexpectedly due to hardware failures and system malfunctions, but you could lose all your precious memories to accidental deletions, factory resets, physical damage, theft, or even losing your phone.

I know firsthand how it feels to lose precious memories!

After my son’s graduation from school, I tried to find the photo I took of him on that special day. This photo was perfect! All I wanted was to print it off and get it framed for our living room.

But when I went to look for it, everything was gone. My heart stopped as my mobile phone crashed and a system error appeared in front of me... what was the point of taking all these photos, just to have them all taken away!?

I called up my friend Darren who is an avid photographer who always has important files that he can't afford to lose. Unfortunately, he said that nothing could be done to restore all my files and he had to factory reset the entire phone. He then told me how important it is to regularly back up your data and mentioned that it could be done while I sleep each night, by using the Omega DataCube. Most people will happily back up their computers but will completely overlook backing up their mobile devices and tablets.

I’m not tech-savvy so this sounded like a great idea to me. Darren told me that the Omega DataCube was the perfect solution to my problem and that it even fits in the palm of my hand so that I can easily take it anywhere with me!

The Omega DataCube uses a special technology that automatically hunts through the files on your cell phone or computer. It finds every personal photo and video and places them in organized folders - leaving you free to tackle other tasks on your to-do list.

So I decided to give it a try on my wife’s cell phone.

As soon as I downloaded the Omega DataCube app, I was super impressed. The interface was well designed and really easy to use. I opened the app and quickly got started - it was so easy! The backup didn't take long at all and I didn’t need to do a thing. It was actually kind of fun watching it go through all of my wife's files, and boy, does she have a ton of photos!

After it was completed, my wife saw that every last file she had ever saved was now on the Omega DataCube.

I clicked on the folders, and everything was really well organized. It didn't back up her duplicate files, either!

My wife and I ended up buying the Omega DataCube device and have made the commitment to regularly backing up all our important and valuable data. I never want to lose my precious memories again. We’re now backing up our computers and tablets, too!

I’m so happy that this little device will always be there to quickly gather my most important files no matter where I saved them.

So, What Is the Omega DataCube?

I studied up a lot on this device before I bought one. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t getting ripped off, and there are so many online scams these days. I’m always leery about giving my money away online, but there were just so many great reviews that I knew I was getting a quality product. People not only love this device, but it’s fully up to date with the latest technology.

The Omega DataCube is a compact, fit-in-your-hand device that is revolutionizing the way people store and hold onto their precious photos, videos, and documents. It’s safe, secure, and private!

Personal storage devices have improved a lot in the past few years, but in reality, the majority of them are either too bulky or awkward, not that intuitive, or just plain pricey. I wanted something that was extremely compact and portable, but also something so simple and nonthreatening that even my grandmother could use it without help.

The Omega DataCube checked all these boxes. It’s small, easy to use, and extremely affordable. I was definitely impressed, so I placed my order and waited for it to be shipped to me.

It’s Super Simple to Use – Just Three Simple Steps!


Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your device and download the FREE Omega DataCube App.


Plug the unit into your phone charger before connecting your charging cord. Next, plug one end of your charging cord into the Omega DataCube, and the other end into your phone.


Plug your charger into a power outlet and that's it! The Omega DataCube will automatically begin to back up your files.

The Omega DataCube starts working WITHOUT you having to open any apps or press any buttons.


Here Are a Few Other Things to Love About the Omega DataCube:

  • It organizes your favorite photos and other personal files for you
  • Comes in multiple storage options: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB
  • Secure – No one else can see your photos
  • Stores photos on a removable SD can, so you can save them anywhere
  • No Cloud, no Wifi, no data network required
  • Can store up to 102,000 files (dependant on file size)

I also love the fact that the Omega DataCube solves my number one complaint about The Cloud – it makes it easy to SAFELY share photos and videos with friends and family!

And what happens when the Omega DataCube fills up?

That’s the beauty – it won’t!

As long as you keep buying new Photo SD cards (the kind you can pick up for $10 from Walmart or on Amazon), you’re good to go!

Easily transfer the family photos from your phone, safely onto your computer, and know that your precious memories will remain secure on the Omega DataCube.

How Do I Get the Omega DataCube?

Getting your very own Omega DataCube is easy!

And for a limited time, you can buy the Omega DataCube at an introductory price of 30% off by visiting their official website. For just $59.99, you get:

  • Safe storage of over 100,000 photos and/or other file types
  • Automatic data backup each time you charge your phone
  • The ability to easily transfer photos & videos to your computer

I also suggest checking product availability before ordering as increased demand may result in longer delivery times.

So hurry and get your Omega DataCube while supplies last!

Special Offer:

Ever since the Omega DataCube has made its debut on the internet, it has received an incredible amount of attention.

Because of this popularity and the amount of positive feedback, the start-up company behind the Omega DataCube is so confident in their device that they are offering a one-time 30% discount for our readers.

And if you're not satisfied with the Omega DataCube, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Click the button below to see if the Omega DataCube is still available for 30% off!


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